Book Title: Funky Love Poetry

Author: funky

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Book Description: Funky Love Poetry, read it, laugh, cry, get sad bad and or glad, these poems range from the innocent and simple, to the most exquisite complex and beautiful poems found together in one place.. enjoy.

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Words are Forever.. They belong in hearts, our whole body is a heart interconnected by the central nervous system our nerves are found in every location of the body.. What the eye sees it converts to a nerve the optic nerve sends signals to every part of our body via the brain…

Love words are the most powerful words in the entire Universe.

Once you understand these Love poems and meditate on them they really do form part of you… I am in you no less than you are.

Read my words… Taste their energy… Love doesn’t hurt only the absence of it can do that.

Love is God and God IS Love.

Lots of Love from Funky





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Funky Love Poetry
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